Evolution 12" Radar Feedback Sign

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Evolution 12" Radar Feedback Sign

The Evolution 12 offers the cost benefit and compact footprint of an entry-level sign with MUTCD approved 12” digits. The EV12 uses bright 3 digit speed display, it also offers speed activated digit color changes to alert speeders.


  • 1 Year cloud connectivity included
  • Compact sign with smaller 12” x 6.4" digits, 196 LEDs per digit
  • Unit with "YOUR SPEED" Sign Face your choice of White, Fluorescent Yellow or Fluorescent Yellow Green (choose option above)
  • Full size of sign 29" H x 23" W x 5.625" Dia.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Static Your Speed message
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Energy efficient power options
  • Dual-color LED display
  • 3 digit display

Compatible Accessories to use with:

  • Traffic data and reports (not included, purchase data package)
  • SafePace Cloud remote access (included for 1 year)
  • Universal mounting bracket (not included, purchase separately)
  • Beacon system for school zones (not included, however compatible)
  • Cruiser LT mobile trailer (not included, purchase separately)
  • Moveable sign dolly (not included, purchase separately)
  • Sign hitch (not included, purchase separately)


 *Pole & cabinet not included

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