Engraved HDPE Plastic Routed Signs

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How is the sign made?

The HDPE plastic is laminated into 3 different sheets that consist of 2 outer layers that are the same color and one inner layer that is a different color. All signs are a consolidated ¾” panel. When you route out the existing top layer the middle layer with the contrasting color is then exposed. All signs are routed with computer technology making design possibilities endless.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for any climate, these signs will not rust/rot or de-laminate.
  • 100% waterproof (non-porous)
  • No need for paint or sealants
  • Nontoxic
  • Splinter free
  • Easy to clean
  • Vandal proof
  • Many different color variations
  • Average sign life is 20+ years

Great uses for HDPE Signs

Outdoors, trails, parks, US Forest Service, dog parks, way finding and city/town signs.

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