DoorKing Loop Detectors

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All DoorKing® gate operators are designed with "ports" for DoorKing® plug-in loop detectors. This simplifies installation and wiring. Both single-channel and two-channel detectors are available. Loops and loop detectors should be used on all gate operator installations to prevent the gate from closing on vehicular traffic.

This self-tuning loop detector is designed to be used with DoorKing® vehicular gate monitors ONLY and control two individual loops (including two series wired reversing loops configuration). The loop detector plugs into loop detector ports on the gate operator control board.

The "self-tuning" detector will constantly monitor the loop's frequency status and self-tune for any minor deviations with the frequencies to keep the loop operating normally and decrease false calls. The detector also employs several automatic and advance features that will assist technicians in the field with troubleshooting loop problems.




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