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The all new Industrial/Warehouse Worker Alert System (WAS) consists of a lightweight, easy-to-transport trip hose and sensor assembly that wirelessly sends a signal up to 1000 feet away to a flashing rechargeable unit and most importantly to an individual worker’s personal safety device (sold separately). These PSD’s vibrate and also provide an audible sound through the included ear buds, giving workers extra precious seconds for notification of an impending danger. The trip hose is placed ahead or behind workers on the road, far enough away to provide ample warning in the event that a vehicle crosses over the hose, so workers can be alerted and get out of harm’s way.

Standard Features

  • Wireless 12 foot trip hose with sensor (AA batteries not included)
  • Rechargeable flashing light with magnet and handle Unit
  • Optional heavy duty carrying case
  • 1000 foot range
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

Purchase the Personal Safety Device vibration unit HERE

Purchase the Personal Safety Device w/trigger vibration unit HERE

Purchase Wall Charger for Flashing Unit HERE

Specifications for Selected SKU TG-WAS-LT3
Case Included Hard Case NOT Included
Housing Material Polyethylene
Housing Length 8.5 in
Housing Width 3.5 in
Housing Height 4.25 in
Signal Hose Tough enough to withstand the weight of any vehicle, sensitive enough to detect the slightest pressure
Hose Length 12 ft
Hose Size 0.375 inches
Hose Weight 1.5 pounds
Battery Type 2 AA Batteries
Signal Light Housing and lens are sonic welded
Lens Color Red
Lens Size 2 in

DISCLAIMER: Specifications are subject to change without notice. For additional specifications and details, please contact us!