Compact Portable Eyewash station

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All models shown here feature the medically acclaimed AXION MSR™ eye/face wash head assembly (patent pending). This revolutionary inverted flow design is the only product on the market that provides a medically superior response consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors’ office protocols by sweeping contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity. Traditional eyewashes irrigate from the outside edge of the eye back toward the nose, where contaminants can then be flushed into the nasal cavity.

Ideal for remote locations. Using gravity to supply a continuous flow of clean water to injured personnel for a full 15 minutes at .4 gpm. Features a full patented flushing system. FDA approved high density green polyethylene tank is easily activated by pulling the yellow activation arm down to the open position.

  • Supplied with one bottle of bacteriostatic additive
  • Store water for up to six months when the bacteriostatic additive is used
  • Easy inspection, cleaning and filling
  • Easy relocation with mounted bracket (included)
  • Light design - 9 gallon portable
  • 14.5" unit high, 22" wide, 10 1/8" deep

Unit must be wall hung