Accu-Cure™ UV Ultraviolet Curing Unit

TAPCO SKU: 113929D

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Engineered for high speed curing of flat/rigid substrates using a wide conveyor belt. Removal system vents ozone and hot air safely out from the work area. Specially engineered light guards protect the operator from exposure to actinic (UV) light output. Variable position wattage selection allows the operator to adjust lamp output to conditions, prolonging lamp life and conserving energy.

  • UV curing head provides variable lamp output
  • Cooling system minimizes heat transfer to belt and stock
  • Very quiet operation
  • Removal system vents ozone and heated air outside operating area
  • Repositionable curing head also has adjustable height to accommodate range of substrate thicknesses
  • UV lamps can be retrofitted to existing dryers
  • Direct communication between dryer and press to save energy when idle

Specifications for Selected SKU 113929D
Media Width 36"
Belt Length 15'

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