2 Pump RoadPak - Option 8

TAPCO SKU: 118760

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RoadLazer RoadPak System is a hydraulic striping system built for the professional road striping contractor. With the RoadPak airless striping system you can achieve extremely accurate lines at highly productive speeds - up to 10 mph.

This system proves once again that Graco is the most innovative, professional striping solution for roads. With the RoadLazer RoadPak System you can tackle all the tough jobs you’ve wanted to do with this more compact, simpler and highly productive road striping system.

  • 8 Ready to stripe RoadLazer RoadPak Systems
  • Modular striping system offers unlimited striping possibilities
  • 1 or 2 pump RoadPak for superior performance and crisp, clean stripes
  • Optional RoadView Camera System for optimum forward viewing and alignment from the cab for one person striping
  • Double-acting paint spray gun has complete chemical compatibility and highest flow rates available
  • Double-acting bead spray gun has better on/off control and eliminates chattering often found in competitive guns
  • Optional RoadView Camera System provides optimum forward viewing of existing or new lines
  • Exclusive Graco displacement pumps for long life and low maintenance. 100% chemical compatibility with all traffic paints
  • Spray gun boom arm for straighter lines and more accurate curves. Easily moves from centerline to edge-line


  • Airports: Airports offer professional striping contractors opportunities to add on to their existing striping jobs
  • Long Lines: The RoadPak System’s high productivity means that you can now stripe with high production speeds normally only found on Long Line trucks
  • Parking Lots: Parking lots used to only be reserved for walk behind units. Now with the larger “mega” malls the norm, you can stripe these faster and more efficiently with a RoadPak System.
  • Intersections: From crosswalks to arrows there are many ways to earn more money with the RoadPak System
  • Highway Ramps: A wide range of striping opportunities can be found with highway entrance and exit ramps
  • Edge Lines: Road edges are never straight but that’s no problem for the RoadPak System. With this striper you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to stripe these jobs
  • Construction Zones: Temporary construction zones offer additional incremental striping opportunities
  • Curves: By having the striping guns mounted closer to the rear axle of the vehicle, it assures a more normal striping flow for the operator without having to worry about over steering

2-Pump RoadPak, Camera, Hitch Frame, Gun Arm & Beam, Guide System, Box

Specifications for Selected SKU 118760
Max Paint Pressure 2900 PSI
Max Hydraulics Pressure 1950 PSI
Max Glass Bead System Pressure 75 PSI
Maximum Paint Flow 4.5 gpm at 2000 PSI
Sound Power Level 111.7 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level 91.7 dB(A)
Weight 950 lb
Engine Kohler 18 HP
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Capacity 4 gallons
Compressor Oil 9502 SAE 30W non-detergent oil
Hydraulic Oil Graco approved 169236 (5 gallon) 207428 (1 gallon) ISO 46
Glass Bead Capacity 450 pounds

DISCLAIMER: Specifications are subject to change without notice. For additional specifications and details, please contact us!