Parking Guidance System

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Attractive and rugged construction that is engineered for easy installation. Entrance level Space Available SIgns show motorists where the open spaces are even before they enter your garage. Display level counts, OPEN or FULL and eliminate the time and gas spent searching for an open space to park.

A Space Available Tower Sign at the parking entrance gives motorists an at-a-glance look at where the open spaces are even before entering the parking facility. Available in single or double face configurations.

Level Status and End of Aisle Signs inside the garage continue to inform drivers of parking availability; keeping the traffic moving and the garage full. Compatible with most external revenue control systems using dry contact relays.

Aluminum cabinet 5/5" deep, with integrated front hinging face panel for easy access and installation.

  • Moisture absorbing internal coating
  • Sign within a sign construction
  • Easy to access hinged front panel
  • Hassle-free and easy to install

Construction: Tower signs are engineered to withstand the elements. The cabinet consists of an extruded aluminum frame and an aluminum panel with routed windows. Tower signs have a hinged front or back panel that allows the sign to be conveniently opened with no disassembly required to access the pre-wired signs inside. The interior of the main cabinet is also treated with a moisture absorbing coating to ensure a long life. To further protect the seven segment displays, they are internally housed within their own cabinets creating a sign within a sign.

Parking Guidance System, 3 Level Space Available Sign, 38" x 49" Cabinet Size, 90#, Red|Green LED Colors

Specifications for Selected SKU 114027
Floor Level Three Level Space Available
Cabinet Height 38 in
Cabinet Length 49 in
Bulb Color Red | Green
Bulb Type LED

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