Armadillo® Radar-Based Traffic Data Collector and Classifier

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Armadillo® is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data gathering device. Featuring small size, no hassle field setup, non-intrusive sensing technology and long range wireless connectivity. The Armadillo's ability to collect bidirectional data in up to four lanes is unmatched.


Over 2 weeks of run time. Ultra low power consumption and Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable batteries allow over 2 weeks of run time.

Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) charger extracts the maximum amount of power from included solar panel even in overcast conditions.


Low power radar technology results in ultra compact size. The proprietary target tracking algorithm combined with unique 20° x 60° beam angle allows simultaneous tracking of multiple vehicles traveling in adjacent lanes and facilitates accurate counting. Direct speed measurement Doppler technology results in accurate speed readings. The Vehicle Classification System recognizes up to 3 vehicle size classes.

Stat Analyzer™

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and rock-solid stability, Stats Analyzer™ is the foundation of Armadillo.


Information is stored to an on-board solid solid state memory, which helps to record accurately and store 100,000 individual vehicles in four lane bidirectional traffic and allows data to be downloaded in 2 minutes.


Built in, ultra long range low power allows data retrieval from as far as 1,000 feet (outdoor line of sight) without sacrificing device battery life. A matching class I USB Bluetooth dongle is also provided for your PC .Access the Armadillo from a safe distance away from within your vehicle.

Radar Traffic Data Collector & Classifier, with Solar Charger & Panel, Wireless Bluetooth, 800' Range

Armadillo®, Anodized Aluminum Pole Mounting Bracket with Adjustment Plate, USB Cable for Data Download and Charging, Class I USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC, Fast AC Charger (US Plug), 12VDC Car Charger, Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Mounting Straps, Security ON/OFF Key, Stat Analyzer Software, Quickstart Guide, 5 Watt Solar Panel, Built in MPPT Charger, Heavy Gauge Aluminum Pole Mounting Bracket, Stainless Steel Straps, Power Cable with Weatherproof Circular Connector

Specifications for Selected SKU 114964
Model Type Collector and Classifier with Solar Charger and Panel
Weight 12 lb
Width 4 4/5 in
Depth 5 3/10 in
Height 6 4/5 in

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