Snow Zone BlinkerSign®


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Manufactured by TAPCO

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During heavy snow falls our Blinkersign® snow warning signs provide visibility, punching through hard to see driving conditions. This can make drivers more aware and naturally slow down making it less likely to slide or pile up. Can be remotely monitored and activated so municipal vehicles do not have to go out to the site. All blinkersign® systems are design for extreme cold and poor climate conditions.

Provide visibility, punching through hard to see driving conditions

Features & Advantages

  • BlinkerSigns are portable–deploy or take down within minutes (folding models are available)
  • Can be activated at the site, or remotely through a key fob or central PC
  • After a storm has hit electrical outlets may be unavailable–off-grid solar powered signs is ideal for this scenario
  • Zero electrical costs
  • Reduces injuries and accidents
  • Saves lives
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