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TAPCO offers top-of-the-line warning platforms and enhancements to optimize your roadways

When it comes to signalized intersections, warning solutions are one of the best ways to increase efficiency and safety. When traffic light systems are knocked down or freeze over, it can be difficult for motorists to obey traffic signals and navigate safely. Warning enhancements and platforms are designed to provide communities with visual solutions to ensure around-the-clock safety. 

If a problem arises at a signalized intersection, traffic warning solutions detect the issue and immediately notify transportation professionals to deploy resources. This eliminates the need to manually check on your signalized intersection equipment, following an extreme storm or sub-zero morning and allows traffic officials to preemptively address the issue before a report is delivered.  

[Research has shown that of the nearly 330,000 traffic signals in the United States, more than
75 percent of them could be improved by updating equipment or simply adjusting the timing]


Whether exploring implementing directional signage into your signalized intersections or enhancing your community’s existing signage, TAPCO offers a variety of enhancements to optimize your equipment. Signal-Tech's LED signage is designed to enhance safety at traffic intersections with solutions such as no left or right turn, allowing traffic officials to enhance intersection flow. For communities that require a specific directional sign, Signal-Tech's LED traffic signals and signs can be customized to fit your traffic safety needs. 

For communities in colder climates faced with safety challenges such as sub-zero temperatures, TAPCO offers solutions like Zitek’s MeltSmart(TM) LED Traffic Signals. Built to increase traffic light safety and offer peace of mind during winter months, Zitek offers key features, including smart sensors and heating wires that automatically detect when conditions are cold enough for ice to form over LED modules.

In cities that face consequential weather conditions on a regular basis, it’s worth investing in a warning platform that provides situational awareness of weather and environmental impact. Vue Robotics’ ARC1 is designed to monitor site conditions, gather predictive data and provide a comprehensive analysis of roadways. The platform allows transportation officials to quickly identify and address traffic safety concerns without the need for site inspections, saving communities time and resources.        

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By proactively addressing common traffic issues and hazards, warning platforms can enhance roadway safety and save lives. TAPCO’s Truck Rollover Detection System addresses a common highway hazard and provides trucks with advance speed warnings when approaching a curve. The system utilizes triple beam technology to determine the type of vehicle and its speed based on the curve’s geometry. If the speed is determined to be too fast for the curve, drivers are given a warning message to alert them. The system combines a detector from trusted vendor ADEC Technologies with TAPCO-made enhancements such as a BlinkerSign®, Message Board or a Blankout Sign.        

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TAPCO’s warning platforms and enhancement offerings are designed to notify transportation officials in the event of a traffic safety concern. Once installed, warning platforms can give advance notice of traffic issues, increasing safety and efficiency. Solutions include Sentinel Transportation Systems (STS), which aims to decrease traffic light system repair time following an accident or windy conditions. By immediately notifying transportation officials, STS reduces the chances of intersection incidents.           

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