Investing in quality roadway lighting ensures your streets are properly lit and pedestrians are visible on both sidewalks and crosswalks well into the evening hours — or when weather affects visibility. Whether you’re browsing your options for the best streetlights or looking to improve your city’s lighting systems, TAPCO’s trusted vendors offer a variety of lasting, cost-effective solutions. 

Lower energy costs by 20-40% with smart street lighting


Smart street lighting solutions such as Ubicquia® are designed to enhance your community’s smart city infrastructure. By deploying street lighting control, transportation officials can quickly improve lighting connectivity and public safety. Ubicquia’s smart street lighting systems utilize existing streetlights to manage lighting systems throughout the community. The web-based platform allows for remote management, performance and cost tracking, air quality monitoring and more, allowing transportation officials to easily manage their community’s lighting infrastructure from one central location. 

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For traffic officials looking to implement decorative streetlights or LED lighting solutions into their communities, Lumecon’s lighting solutions are customizable and built to last. Lumecon™ also offers made-to-order streetlights for any need, including ornamental street lighting for your downtown hub or LED overhead lighting to increase visibility.

Lumecon’s solutions are sold nationwide and come with a 10-year warranty for worry-free lighting.  Communities looking to invest in both smart city infrastructure and roadway lighting can work directly with TAPCO® to illuminate their city’s streets. Lumecon’s products are compatible with Ubicquia’s street lighting control, eliminating the need to coordinate your new lighting systems through multiple vendors.

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From smart street lighting for full control of city lighting to decorative streetlights for enhancing your parks and campuses, TAPCO® can help you find the right fit for your next project. By implementing quality lighting solutions, you can increase visibility across your community, improve quality of life in urban areas and promote nighttime security for motorists and pedestrians alike. 


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