Gate Arm Lifted

Gate Arm Lowered

TAPCO® strives to provide the best traffic safety solutions, especially for areas where traffic access control and risk mitigation is needed. In situations of major crash incidents or extreme weather, closing highway on and off ramps is a necessary measure to ensure roadway safety. While some communities often rely on parking law enforcement and public works vehicles at the ramp sites, this can take up precious time and resources in the event of an emergency.  

Investing in ramp site traffic gates allows transportation officials to efficiently manage access to highways as needed and free up resources to divert attention elsewhere. By restricting access, ramp gates reduce traffic on freeways and mitigate risk of accidents due to white-out conditions or other hazardous events, while allowing traffic officials and law enforcement to work to eliminate the issue or wait until conditions are clear. 

[High congestion levels and bad weather can lead to an increase of crashes on freeways]


B&B’s traffic safety solutions are designed for ease of installation and one-person operation to manually raise and lower the arms as needed. Ramp gates can also be equipped with solar warning lights to signal transportation officials to close the ramp during a weather or traffic emergency. B&B’s traffic gate solutions are made from materials with high-quality ratings and are crafted with safety and security in mind, ensuring longevity. 

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TAPCO® also offers preventative maintenance packages to accompany any ramp gate equipment. Our maintenance packages include benefits such as part replacements and visits from experienced traffic control technicians to ensure your systems are performing at full capacity. Visit TAPCO's service page for more information.


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