TAPCO offers products from LYT, Linq Thingz and Flow Labs to enhance traffic flow with traffic signal preemption and other traffic solutions.



Investing in quality mobility and traffic flow solutions can optimize the flow of traffic at signalized intersections, whether you live in a small town or a metropolitan area. If your intersections aren’t prepared for the influx of traffic at rush hour or an unexpected backup following an accident, this can cause delays on all roadways in the area — which can be especially detrimental for emergency personnel. TAPCO’s variety of platform-based AI traffic solutions are designed to combat congestion and provide better mobility throughout any community. 

Short cycle lengths between 60 and 90 seconds are recommended for red lights* — but emergency personnel may need this time to save a life.


AI-enhanced traffic control solutions, such as LYT, allow transportation officials to optimize public transportation and improve traffic flow through traffic signal preemption. In times of congestion, the platform taps into existing AVL systems to give mass transit vehicles green clearance at signalized intersections. By using vehicle data to predict routes and improve travel times, LYT’s traffic signal preemption software helps reduce congestion during peak traffic hours.  

For communities with railroad crossings in high traffic areas, it’s worth implementing a rail predictive (RPM) traffic solution like Linq Thingz. Linq Thingz is a predictive mobility platform that notifies first responders, public works and citizens of blocked railroad crossings, allowing them to opt for a different route before they’ve reached the crossing. The platform utilizes various types of detection to predict the size, speed and direction of the train, as well as determine when it’ll reach the crossing. By delivering advance notification of a blocked crossing, Linq Thingz eliminates idling and delays to improve travel times.  

Transportation officials looking to take the safety and efficiency of their signalized intersections to the next level might consider investing in predictive data software such as Flow Labs. Flow Labs provides an all-encompassing solution for optimizing signalized intersections. By collecting data, diagnosing issues and providing solutions, Flow Labs can instantly address the biggest traffic safety issues in your community.  

Whether your community’s mobility issues stem from signalized intersection congestion or idling traffic at railroad crossings, TAPCO offers a variety of traffic control solutions from our trusted vendors.

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