At TAPCO, we strive to create effective traffic light systems while building lasting relationships with communities. And for us, that means more than just delivering and installing a signalized intersection. TAPCO's Signalized Intersection Division supports customers from the moment they’re curious to post-installation and beyond. 

We have come a long way since TAPCO opened its doors in 1956. And today, we’re proud to lead the traffic safety industry in innovation and technology, engineering products and safety solutions. And of course, we still come to work each day to ensure safe travels for all. In fact, it's our mission to go the extra mile to ensure those on the road make it home safely each day.

But we haven’t forgotten our roots. In fact, our original sign shop still thrives in production each day with some of our most tenured employees. No matter where you turn in TAPCO's Headquarters — from our sign shop to the production floor and the engineering labyou’ll find one thing in common: expertise. 

And when working with our Signalized Intersection Division, there’s no difference. Our signalized intersection experts understand the market and history of traffic signals, intersections and traffic light enhancements to ensure the best customer experience. And aside from offering top-of-the-line products, TAPCO knows how to integrate any signalized intersection with additional enhancements, smart technology and service agreements. It’s our passion to create modern traffic lights and systems that enhance the safety of any city intersection. 

Whether you’re installing new traffic lights, need assistance on your existing signalized intersection — or just want to chat with our team of experts, TAPCO’s Signalized Intersection Team is eager to hear from you. We are uniquely positioned to solve any traffic challenge and have almost 70 years of experience to back us up.