TAPCO to Distribute FLIR Thermal Cameras for Wrong-Way Driver and Pedestrian Crosswalk Traffic Solutions

BROWN DEER, Wis. – May 30, 2019 – Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO), manufacturer, distributor and service provider of traffic safety and parking control products, is proud to announce it will become a distributor of FLIR Systems' thermal imaging traffic cameras in 36 states and Canada in the field of intelligent wrong-way driving systems. TAPCO will also distribute pedestrian safety detection systems in North America.

FLIR thermal cameras

FLIR's thermal traffic cameras, the TrafiSense and the TrafiOne, will be integrated with TAPCO's Wrong-Way Alert and Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems to provide unmatched precision, accuracy and reliability in the detection and warning of traffic hazards.

The new offering within the TAPCO Intelligent Warning line provides many valuable features:

  • Accurate detection using thermal heat profiles, enabling visibility in total darkness, fog and sun glare
  • Easy setup and configuration with no road shutdown necessary
  • Versatile functionality dependent upon need, with many possible detection zones and configurations
  • Simple integration with TAPCO’s BlinkLink® remote monitoring and management software

“We're excited to team with FLIR Systems,” said Jon Zick, Director of Engineering and Marketing at TAPCO. “Enhancing our Intelligent Warning Systems with FLIR’s thermal cameras reinforces TAPCO’s culture of innovation and our commitment to leading the way in traffic safety.”

FLIR’s TrafiSense thermal camera can monitor in configured detection areas up to six lanes of traffic to activate TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems. The ability to determine exactly where to detect is key to accurate wrong-way detection. For example, the camera will not falsely detect a vehicle traveling in the correct direction on a stretch of road located beyond or adjacent to the road being monitored.

In pedestrian and bicyclist detection, the FLIR TrafiOne's targeted detection zone allows it to identify vulnerable road users moving within the crosswalk and activate TAPCO Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems.

Besides detecting waiting pedestrians and bicyclists, the camera's ability to detect directionality serves a vital function in crosswalk applications because it reduces false detections caused by people walking away from the crosswalk or bicycles traveling parallel to traffic.

“FLIR thermal technology is proven to be accurate, cost-effective and maintenance-friendly for wrong way driver detection at highway off-ramps and on the mainline of highways and freeways,” said Lode Caenepeel, General Manager of the Intelligent Transportation Systems division at FLIR.

“Wrong-way driver detection and warning systems help traffic operators and emergency response teams improve roadway safety. We look forward to collaborating with TAPCO to deliver smart, innovative solutions that increase safety and efficiency.”

Thermal Cameras integrated into traffic safety systems

Since 1956, TAPCO has provided standard and custom traffic safety and parking solutions to every level of government, as well as private businesses. As a third-generation, family-owned company, TAPCO proudly serves communities across the United States, Canada and beyond to provide safe travels to millions.

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