TAPCO Announces New Wrong-Way Alert Systems, Powered by Bosch

TAPCO upgrades the technology behind their life-saving Wrong-Way Alert Systems via new Bosch partnership

Brown Deer, Wis. – April 23, 2024 – Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO), manufacturer, distributor and service provider of roadway safety innovations is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Bosch, a leading global supplier of AI-driven video-as-a-sensor technology with solutions tailored to ITS applications. 

Through this new partnership, TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems have been updated with state-of-the-art technology, including Bosch’s latest ITS cameras, featuring edge-enabled video analytics for roadway incident detection. 

“Wrong-way driving collisions aren’t the most frequent, but these collisions are often fatal, so we have made it a focus to constantly push the boundaries of technology used in our Wrong-Way Alert Systems to help stem the tide of these events,” remarks TAPCO’s Vice President of Innovation, Morgan Marks. 


For the past fifteen years, TAPCO has led the traffic safety industry in Wrong-Way Alert System deployments, developing credibility in the ITS space. Previous generation Wrong-Way Alert Systems have relied on thermal technology, but with the Bosch partnership, wrong-way vehicle detection is more flexible, efficient and accurate. The cameras deliver high-level accuracy, while ignoring disturbances caused by headlights, extreme weather, sun glare or vibration. These disturbances are nearly eliminated to provide the high precision detection that is necessary for ITS safety applications, such as alerting drivers of vehicles traveling against the flow of traffic. The analytics processing is at the edge, in the camera, with no central server required, providing high reliability and the lowest possible latency for detection alerts.  

“When a wrong way driving event is detected, immediate action is needed to stop the driver and avoid accidents,” said Lewis Stallworth, Business Development Manager – Smart Cities, Bosch. “The instant detection provided by Bosch cameras enables fast and accurate responses to these incidents to enhance safety for roadway users.” 

The integration of Bosch intelligent ITS cameras provides real-time triggers to activate TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems when a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction is detected. Uniquely engineered to fit any ramp configuration, TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert Systems flash warning alerts to capture the wrong-way driver’s attention and encourage self-correction. These flashing alerts can be LED-enhanced BlinkerSigns, beacons or LegendViz® internally-illuminated signs. If the driver does not self-correct and continues down the ramp, a second layer of alert communications can be triggered via TAPCO’s BlinkLink® smart city software platform.  

BlinkLink® is able to capture images and video of each wrong-way event and provides the functionality to stream live video on the ramp. BlinkLink® can send real-time wrong-way event notifications, including image capture, to a traffic management center and/or enforcement agencies via cellular modem or fiber networks. The system can also be configured to trigger overhead message boards or send in-vehicle alerts to connected vehicles, warning right-way drivers of the danger ahead.

As an industry-leading innovator, TAPCO manufactures, distributes and services a wide portfolio of traffic safety solutions designed to increase safe travels for all. Since 1956, TAPCO’s mission has been to save lives by setting the standard for delivering reliable, cutting-edge traffic safety enhancements. From Wrong-Way Alert Systems and pedestrian crossing enhancements to our leading line of LED-enhanced BlinkerSign® solutions, safety is at the heart of all TAPCO innovations. For more information, please visit TAPCO's website and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

The Bosch division Building Technologies is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems. In selected countries Bosch offers solutions and services for building security, energy efficiency and building automation. About 10,900 associates generated sales of 2.6 billion euros in 2023. Protecting lives, buildings and assets is the major aim. The product portfolio includes video security, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems, as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range. Building Technologies develops and manufactures in its own plants in Europe, Americas and Asia. Additional information is available online on Bosch’s website.