The Top 3 Qualities of an Effective Service Call

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Transportation safety professionals dedicate substantial time to finding the perfect traffic safety system for their unique location and needs. Some make the mistake of thinking the problem is solved once they’ve secured their system, but there’s another key aspect that can’t be forgotten: maintenance. Traffic safety systems can only increase safety if they are kept in top shape and performing at their highest capacity. This can be accomplished by investing in a reliable service agreement for your system.

Service agreements establish a schedule (annually, biannually or when needed) for experienced technicians to perform thorough inspections and make any necessary repairs on your traffic safety systems. While technicians test systems and repair or replace broken parts, they always attempt to catch problems before they arise and make sure everything is up to date.


Before securing a service agreement or having a technician visit for the first time, it’s good to know what to expect from a service call. Certain standards should be met by a high-quality service agreement, which we’ve outlined below.

1. Clear Communication

The company through which you obtain your service agreement should always keep an open line of communication. Before a technician arrives, you should have the opportunity to voice any concerns, find out what will be done to mitigate those concerns and what routine services and tests will be performed.

But communication remains important after a service call — your technician should follow up shortly after the first call to ensure everything is working as expected.

2. Punctuality

The punctuality of the technicians performing the service is crucial, not only because their tardiness can affect your schedule, but because it reflects the quality of their service. Expect your technicians to arrive early, prepared with the right equipment and tools.

3. Quality Service and Attention to Detail

Of course, the actual maintenance and testing conducted should meet high standards. Technicians should pay attention to the smallest of details, thoroughly inspecting your system and performing all necessary full-system tests. They should be prepared with the correct equipment and parts for your specific traffic safety system as well.


Service agreements are essential to getting the most out of your investment. With the right service agreement, complete with the qualities listed above, you'll receive peace of mind that your traffic safety systems are performing at their top capacity.

Choosing the right company to service your traffic safety systems can be intimidating, but it’s often helpful to turn to the same company from which you purchased your traffic safety system. Why? They know your system best. TAPCO offers service agreements for various Intelligent Warning Systems, such as Wrong-Way Alert Systems, Overheight Warning Systems and many others.  



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Lindsay Harvey

TAPCO | Service Solutions Director

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