How to Fund Preventative Maintenance for Intelligent Warning Systems

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Transportation safety systems and equipment perform vital tasks, such as alerting wrong-way drivers, warning approaching vehicles of crossing pedestrians and much more. It is important then that these systems operate at their full potential and that their technology remains effective and up-to-date, just as effective as when it was first installed.

This is accomplished through the regular preventative maintenance of these systems, a way to ensure that they not only stay fully operational but that you receive the best return on investment. Preventative maintenance contracts provide documented on-site testing, recertification, updates, alignments and general up-keep.

Leveraging Service Agreements

Rick Fedder, Chief Operating Officer of the Indiana Toll Roads Concession Company LLC, commented on the importance of a preventative maintenance system when speaking about the upkeep of his company's wrong-way detection system.

"We obviously want to get the most value out of what we deploy. A regimented, preventative maintenance schedule is key to extending the life and the effectiveness and accuracy of any system.”

Preventative maintenance contracts often come with several key benefits:

  • Skilled technicians who can perform calibrations, repairs and firmware updates
  • Maintenance contractor technical support
  • Discounted equipment packages
  • Warranty extensions

There are a variety of preventative maintenance contracts available, as well as funding opportunities which allow you to invest in the care of your system without breaking the bank.

When purchasing a new traffic safety system, it is always best to inquire about proper maintenance and if the company offers their own preventative service contracts. It is helpful to entrust the care of a system to those who created it. TAPCO offers this option with their service agreements, which provide quality care and routine maintenance to TAPCO transportation safety systems.


Getting Grants

A good place to start to find funding to maintain existing transportation safety systems is the Department of Transportation (DOT) website. There they have gathered a list of their funding opportunities for a variety of transportation safety projects, with many of these funds coming from grants provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Each state’s individual Department of Transportation offers their own unique funds and opportunities as well. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), for example, offers state specific funds such as the Transportation Development Act and the State Transportation Improvement Program.

With these funds allocated for transportation safety, it is possible to obtain a preventative maintenance plan that will elongate the life of and perverse the quality of your transportation safety solutions.


Brian Scharles, Sr.

TAPCO | Director of Technical Sales & Service

An industry veteran, Brian holds three transportation technology patents and has managed ITS and signal system designs, installation and maintenance for 25 years. He has experience integrating communication systems for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation fiber optic system starting in 1990 that are still in operation today.

Brian is a member of multiple industry organizations, including the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) WI and International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA), and has won many awards.

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