Changeable Roll-up Signface, RIGHT LANE CLOSED AHEAD Sign

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Sign Material:

Reflexite® Super Bright Roll-UP Signs are made of polymeric microprism sheeting sealed to a fiber reinforced backing material and meet the requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The retroreflective signs are visible at long distances both day and night and have color stabilizers to guard against fading.

DuraLatch Sign Faces

The versatile DuraLatch signface is the only self-adjusting roll-up sign face available. The EPDM rubber straps allow the signface to expand and contract as needed in varying weather conditions. The straps fasten securely to the crossbrace (sold separately) with heavy-duty brass and steel components.

It has a quick and easy set-up, simply wrap DuraLatch® strap around the crossbracing and snap onto solid-tip posts.

Features Include:

  • Self-adjusts to keep signface taut and readable
  • Absorbs stress caused by gusting winds and passing vehicles.
  • Will not disengage in backwinds.
  • Crossbracing in interchangeable (You dont have to buy crossbraces for each signface).
  • The DuraLatch® signface attaches to the crossbracing with high-strength EPDM rubber straps.

Compact Collapse & Wrap Sign System

The Compact Collapse and Wrap Sign System is comprised of a Roll-Up Sign and a Sign Stand (purchased separately).

Once the sign is mounted to the stand, it becomes one unit and if desired the sign can stay in the stand. To store, the sign instantly collapses down using the single trigger release button and wraps around the upright on the stand. The rapid deployment significantly improves safety and efficiency in traffic incident management situations. Special single trigger release crossbracing is included.

Sign stands are purchased separately.

Two Velcro strips attached to signface allow word "AHEAD & RIGHT" to be customized with overlay patches (sold separately).

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