Who is TAPCO?

TAPCO (Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc.) is a Wisconsin based business headquartered in Brown Deer, Wisconsin dedicated to manufacturing, distributing and servicing the latest innovations in safety. Founded by Ray Bergholz in 1956, TAPCO has remained privately owned by two families for three generations.

Brief Background on TAPCO

The history of today's amazing transportation system mirrors the history of TAPCO. The FHWA states that the Interstate Highway system began on June 29th, 1956 and it was on virtually the same day that Ray Bergholz founded TAPCO. The U.S.A. State and Interstate highway system is regarded as the largest public works project in history and like TAPCO it has grown and expanded continually ever since.

In the early days, necessity was the driving force behind TAPCO's philosophy of offering every product and service related to traffic and parking control. By shopping our e-commerce Online Store you will see that TAPCO has virtually anything you can think of in traffic, safety and parking control products and systems. TAPCO doesn't build the highways, but our mission is to make them safer and more efficient. TAPCO founder Ray Bergholz instilled the company with the simple belief that if you can help your fellow man and still make a buck for yourself that is the best job you can get.

During the 1980's TAPCO began manufacturing its own brand of TAPCO Made® products which has continued to steadily grow. Recent manufacturing demands have led to a wide variety of innovative IWS (Intelligent Warning System) products. TAPCO now boasts an entire line of Blinker™ branded solar powered and wirelessly operated products and engineered to order solutions. TAPCO has always remained dedicated to customer service while continuously developing innovative products. TAPCO does business in all 50 states and many foreign countries. TAPCO has met the growing international demand while supplying every layer of government stateside (federal, state, county and local) with lifesaving products. TAPCO has been acknowledged by INC™ Magazine Future 5000 list as one of the nation's fastest growing privately owned small businesses in America from 2007-2017.

TAPCO has an incredibly talented and loyal workforce. This workforce has helped TAPCO meet the call of a continuously evolving transportation market demands.

More than anything TAPCO wishes to provide you with customer service and that is synonymous with a family run small business. Give us a call and see for yourself! We will always go the extra mile for you, and your total satisfaction is our top priority.