Custom Street Name Signs

Visibility is crucial to safety. TAPCO uses 3M™ reflective sheeting, which provides excellent visibility day and night. High Intensity and Diamond Grade sheeted options meet and/or exceed the federal standards for retroreflectivity. Upgrade your street name signs and brackets to increase visibility and legibility, especially at night. Street name signs come in two .080 aluminum blade types: extruded and flat. Extruded blades have 1/4" top and bottom edges. This thicker edge provides extra rigidity and strength.

  • 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) or Diamond Grade (DG3) Reflective Sheeting (Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting is also available)
  • Double-faced with your choice of sheeting and printed with the same copy on each side
  • Standard sizes are 6", 9" or 12" high by variable widths with Highway Alphabet font
  • Countless other sizes, shapes and fonts are available upon request
  • Your community or neighborhood logo can also be included

1)  Blade Type

  • Flat blade (recommended)
  • Extruded blade

2)  Blade Height

  • 6" height
    (Residential 0-25MPH speed limit)
  • 9" height
    (Residential over 25MPH speed limit)
  • Greater than 9" height
    (For overhead street name signs)
MUTCD 2009, section 2D.43

The lettering for names of streets and highways on Street Name signs shall be composed of a combination of lower-case letters with initial uppercase letters.

3)  Blade Color

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • White
MUTCD 2009, section 2D.43

The only acceptable alternative background colors for Street Name signs shall be blue, brown or white.

4)  Text Color

  • White
  • Black
MUTCD 2009, section 2D.43

Regardless of whether green, blue or brown is used as the background color for Street Name (D3-1 or D3-1a) signs, the legend (and border, if used) shall be white. For Street Name signs that use a white background, the legend (and border, if used) shall be black.

Submit your list of street names and TAPCO will fit each name to the proper width blade. If you're looking for a specific width for all street name blades, TAPCO can arrange the names to fit accordingly.

Completed Custom Street Name Sign Art

Installed Custom Street Name Signs

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