Signmaking Processes

We carefully craft every sign using our first-class processes - Screen Printing, Digital Printing, and HDPE Routing. The sign options and designs are truly endless.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a signmaking technique used for high volume traffic signs and for signs that require custom colors. Color images are realized by incorporating multiple screens - one for each unique color.

TAPCO’s industry-leading screen printing process utilizes highquality material. With the capability to mix and match Pantone colors for any custom design, TAPCO screen printed signs can be found throughout many of our nation’s roadways.

  • Traditional method used for printing outdoor and traffic signs
  • Ideal for high volume signs
  • Wide color gamut
  • Print on wide variety of substrates

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Digital Printing

Digital printing is a signmaking technique used for multicolored signs with fine detailed artwork, images and photos.

At TAPCO, we use latex inks during digital printing that combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and - based inks to create the highest quality custom signs. Protective overlay is added to outdoor signs for increased durability.

With the capability to print on a wide variety of media types and substrates, our digital printing capabilities are perfect for those unique sign projects.

  • Ideal for low volume
  • Ideal reproduction of fine detailed art & photos
  • Unlimited color gamut
  • Print on wide variety of media substrates

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Electro Cut™ (EC) Film

3M™ ElectroCut™ Film is a signmaking technique typically used for low volume street name and traffic signs. ElectroCut™, also known as EC film, is used to provide transparent colored backgrounds.

Available in yellow, red, orange, blue, green black and brown, EC Film is durable, transparent and often used as the technique for quick traffic sign turnaround.

Whether your traffic sign is screen printed or made with ElectroCut™ Film, rest assured you will be receiving only the highest quality traffic sign on the market.

  • For low volume (1-7) single-color signs
  • Fast production time
  • Same durability & retroreflectivity of a screen printed sign

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Routing Processes

Sign routing is a signmaking technique used to make precise cuts into various substrates – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), HDO / Medium Density Overlay Wood and Aluminum - and gives our sign shop the capability to create highly defined signs.

  • Outdoor, all-weather signs
  • Durable UV-stabilized, fade-resistant material
  • Abrasion, vandal & graffiti resistant

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