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TAPCO's StreetScape product lines will provide solutions for all of your residential, commercial, and municipal designing needs whether it is mainstreeting your city with way finding signage on decorative poles or adding vintage luminaires & safe decorative mailboxes. TAPCO can work with all HOA, BIDs or end users on your next downtown redevelopment or StreetScape job.

Features & Advantages

  • Vintage & Modern Decorative Lights
  • Custom sizes, sign colors, & fabrication available
  • TAPCO can provide free consultation
  • Most economical setups in the market
  • High quality cast aluminum

StreetScape Product Lines

StreetScape product lines range from luminaries to signage to complete systems. Please click on one of our decorative product lines below to see in detail what we can offer. Please keep us in mind to help consult in your next project.

Decorative lighting Luminaires

TAPCO's luminaries have been lighting subdivisions, downtown districts & city streets for over 15 years. From our traditional Harp luminaire to our classic Octagon luminaire to the economical globes/acorns and to the future of decorative lighting the LED Ring of Fire. TAPCO has all styles and sizes to meet your needs. Please look at our luminaries more in depth below and contact TAPCO for any question or consultation.

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Decorative Post Assemblies

TAPCO has a wide variety of decorative post assemblies and components to meet all of your StreetScape needs from decorative posts to cast aluminum decorative bases and post finials to street name brackets and sign framing. We can completely put together your next StreetScape project. Call or email TAPCO if you are unable to locate the product you are looking for.

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Mailbox Assemblies

Vehicular collisions with mailboxes on the roadside can produce severe; injuries or fatalities. Old style brick and concrete mailbox supports are dangerous to motorists and pedestrian and are no longer deemed safe for use. TAPCO mailbox assemblies meet all US Post Office and Federal Highway pole breakaway standards. Each assembly is anchored with a TAPCO reusable V-Loc® breakaway anchor. Upon impact, the change in velocity of the vehicle is slight, and the danger of any part of the mailbox support penetrating the windshield of the vehicle is essentially eliminated. Installation is simple and in the event of knock-down, the system can be reset in minutes.

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Decorative Signage

TAPCO's screen printed decorative wayfinding and street name signs have directed traffic for decades. Using highly reflective sheeting or vinyl TAPCO can design, shape, and color and bring your idea to fruition. TAPCO has complete customizing capabilities for your next downtown redevelopment.

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