Liberty Next Gen Single-Space Parking Meter

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The Liberty Next Gen meter is engineered with the future in mind and makes use of recent advances in communications, battery and security technologies, while being future-proof and supporting emerging technologies. Built to last, the Liberty Next Gen offers durability and reliability along with advanced technological features that make managing a parking program easier.

The Liberty Next Gen meter features an EMV Level I and Level II certified card reader, can support mag-stripes from legacy cards and mobile phone payment transactions will be immediately updated on the meter providing a consistent user and enforcement experience.

Smart Parking Meters of the future will have a variety of interactions with apps, connected cars and citywide networking technologies. With this in mind, the Liberty Next Gen supports Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS technologies.

The Liberty increases motorist acceptance while promoting an aesthetically pleasing streetscape and maintains complete functionality in a variety of weather conditions, including humidity, snow, sleet, rain, sand, road grime, street vibrations and temperatures from minus 40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C).

  • Battery – Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with guaranteed 1 year time between charges; guaranteed 5 year battery life
  • Payment acceptance – coins, mag stripe, EMV Level 2 certified chip reader, NFC
  • Communications – LoRa, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth. Upgradable to NB-LTE when available
  • Accessibility – ADA compliant, easily accessible by persons of all heights
  • Sensor – optional, highly accurate integrated dome sensor
* Monthly wireless PEM System for single space parking meter available