FG300 Surface Mount Delineator, 3" Tubular Clover-Leaf

TAPCO SKU: 114902

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The industry standard for toughness, impact resistance and long-lasting performance for demanding high-speed, 2-way, 2-lane detour operations. The unique 3" W x 2 1/8" D cloverleaf design provides far better rebound than the round tubes. The curved sides changes the moment of inertia and builds up tremendous potential energy, resulting in a quick and sharp rebound after impact. These delineators have many uses such as median markings, ramp delineation, merge lanes, bike lane and parking lot lane delineation.

Delinator, 42" Long White Post, FG-300 Model, Cloverleaf Design with Base & 2 HIP Reflective Bands.

Specifications for Selected SKU 114902
Height 42 in
Sheeting Type High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)
Pack Quantity Single
Color White
Diameter 2 1/8 in
Top Width 3 in
Sheeting Color White
Base Color White

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