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Solar Work Zone BlinkerSign®

Provide on-the-job safety for road work crews & other contractors with TAPCO's innovative work zone safety signs with incredibly bright LEDs. Daylight visible BlinkerSign® feature an array of LEDs that flash in unison, once per second, commanding the attention of drivers day and night. Make intersections safer, reduce accidents and save lives!

Runs for 30 days without sunlight

Cleaner look and lower cost than a standard dual beacon system or automated flagger. More square footage of light than other systems. Solar recharge and 30 day autonomy allows DOT or contractors to turn off or put away after job and sign will continue to recharge on its own. Some DOTs starting to offer contractors incentives to switch over to this system.

Features & Advantages

  • Solar powered, No AC power required
  • Zero operating costs
  • Can be integrated into an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
  • Multiple signs can be synchronized
  • Orange or amber LEDs


  • Night or day construction sites
  • Temporary work zones (portable)
  • Advance warning for high incident locations
  • Rural roads

24/7 Activation

24/7 is the always on setting.

Optional Toggle Switch

Easy activation with a physical switch. Stays active until switched off.

Optional Key Switch

Easy activation with a key. Only allows authorized personnel to activate. Stays active until switched off.

Optional BlinkLink™ Web-based Traffic Device Monitor & Control Software System

Monitor BlinkerSign® and other ITS device status from any web-enabled computer. Comprehensive management of all device settings, schedules and messages. Real-time information allows you to respond immediately to changing situations.

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Other Activation Methods Available

Do you have a unique problem requiring a custom activated BlinkerSign® system? For years TAPCO has been providing custom stand-alone solar solutions. These electrical grid independent systems provide reliable warning when needed most-in harsh environments, dangerous areas and remote locations.

  • Climate activation (fog, snow, ice, wind, etc.)
  • Water sensor (flood detection)
  • In-ground inductive loop
  • Overheight detection
  • Temperature sensor

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