Flashing LED Railroad Crossing BlinkerSign®

Flashing LED railroad crossing signs alerts the attention of a driver. Whether right at the track with LED Stop signs and crossbucks, or advance warning W10-1 railroad and Do Not Stop on Track signs, TAPCO BlinkerSign gives a dangerous railroad crossing the necessary warning it deserves.

Give a Dangerous Railroad Crossing the Necessary Warning It Deserves

Connected Vehicle Interface

Integrate Your Intelligent Warning Systems with Smart City Infrastructure

The Connected Vehicle Interface upgrades new and existing AC and solar-powered TAPCO Intelligent Warning Systems to integrate with connected vehicle ready infrastructure.

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Remotely Monitor and Manage Intelligent Warning Systems

Enhance this system with the use of BlinkLink® Powered by TAPCO. Easy-to-use, cloud-based application cities utilize to manage, schedule, control and monitor system-wide time clocks and other intelligent warning systems.

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BlinkerBeam® Wireless Radios

Wirelessly Activate and Sync TAPCO Warning Alerts

Upon system activation, the BlinkerBeam® transmitter radio sends wireless signals to BlinkerBeam® receiver radios, triggering each associated alert device to activate.

  • Range of up to 900 feet; can be extended with optional antenna
  • Utilizes 900 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD display with intuitive joystick control for in-field interface navigation
  • Three selectable power levels up to 1 watt to increase signal distance
  • Menu-driven diagnostics for quick-set up and configuration

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Inductive Loop Detection

The most accurate form of detection, inductive loops are installed beneath the surface of the road and detect when vehicles or bikes are present.

Optional Toggle Switch

Easy activation with a physical switch. Stays active until switched off.

Handheld Transmitter and Receiver

With a range of up to 700 feet, handheld transmitters and receivers guarantee reliable system activation when triggered from offsite locations.

24/7 Activation

This is the always on option providing 24/7 flashing of your system.

Vehicle Speed Sensor

A low power draw Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based K-band radar for ITS sign activation and traffic calming. It is the premier product in its class, the world's smallest and lowest power usage OEM K-Band Doppler radar, up to 25X lower than some other industry offerings. 300+ feet typical detective range for a compact vehicle.