BlinkerSign® Intersection Conflict Applications

BlinkerSign® Intersection Conflict Applications address conflicts at 2-way stop intersections by providing drivers (on both the major and minor roads) with real-time dynamic warnings of other vehicles approaching the intersection.

These systems consist of Vehicle Detectors on one or both roads triggered by approaching vehicles. Wirelessly triggered BlinkerSign® LED Signs or BlinkerBeacon™ signs then flash a real-time warning to signs visible by the drivers of the vehicles on both roads.

Major road traffic is warned with a flashing BlinkerSign™ or BlinkerBeacon™ indicating the potential for cross traffic (typically "Entering Traffic When Flashing" or "Watch For Traffic"). Motorists the minor road are alerted with flashing LEDs on BlinkerSign® R1-1 "STOP" signs.


  • Solar Powered/ Energy Efficient - Low cost
  • Combined effect of warnings to drivers on both roads provides drivers advance warning, reducing conflicts resulting in serious injuries or fatalities
  • Used by many state DOTs
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for rural areas

Vehicle Speed Sensor

A low power draw Digital Signal Processing (DSP) based K-band radar for ITS sign activation and traffic calming. It is the premier product in its class, the world's smallest and lowest power usage OEM K-Band Doppler radar, up to 25X lower than some other industry offerings. 300+ feet typical detective range for a compact vehicle.

Optional BlinkerBeam® Wireless Communication

Systems can be activated and controlled with BlinkerBeam® self-powered wireless transmitters and receivers. These compact controllers activate systems wirelessly within a 1000 ft. range line of site (longer distances available with external antennas). BlinkerBeam® can be activated and controlled from a remote location, allowing for immediate implementation of warning, emergency and evacuation systems. Electric grid independence provides activation during power outages and remote locations.

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