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BlinkerPaddle® Flashing LED Paddle

Flashing LED BlinkerPaddles command the attention of drivers with high-visibility LEDs and highly reflective 3M™ HIP sheeting. Eight super-bright LEDs on each face flash in unison, dramatically increasing the paddle's visibility to warn drivers of the presence of guards and schoolchildren.

Eight LEDs on each face match the sign's background color and shape, so drivers can recognize and react sooner. BlinkerPaddles can flash their warning all day long, and they are especially effective in rain, fog, snow, and during low light conditions. Available in two sizes and with 3M™ DG3 sheeting. Other legends are available, including STOP/SLOW.

Features & Advantages

  • Visible from ¾ mile away
  • Under 2 lbs. for easy
  • transportation and usage
  • Staffs and carrying bags available

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LEDs can flash for 20 hours on a single charge!


(1) BlinkerPaddle® LED paddle, (3) rechargeable NiMH batteries, (1) 110V AC wall charger

Buy our Flashing LED Paddles Online

All of our BlinkerPaddle® Flashing LED Paddles are available online. Don't forget to check out the additional accessories available as well including a nylon carrying bag or extention staff.

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Optional Toggle Switch

Easy activation with a physical switch. Stays active until switched off.

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