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When it comes to Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), the TAPCO solution is really quite simple. We do it all! As one of the few complete IT systems integrator in the Upper Midwest, TAPCO is in the position to solve unique traffic challenges efficiently and effectively. With in-house design and engineering, we are able to assist with the entire process, assuring accurate estimates of materials and costs and timely delivery. In addition, with of our vast resource pool and skilled field service technicians, all equipment, installation and programming assistance is provided by TAPCO.

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CHALLENGE: Accurate Journey Times

SOLUTION: Drakewell's C2-Cloud Journey Time Software

Wisconsin DOT needed cost-effective accurate travel times on both Freeways and Arterials to inform their Dynamic Message Signs and manage network congestion. Drakewell's C2-Cloud Journey Time software was deployed to take live Bluetooth data feeds from the roadside and rapidly match/filter journeys. A rapid xml data feed is made available to WisDOT's ATMS, but Drakewell's database also retains all raw data records which are 100% customer owned.

Analysis is easily performed on raw data for individual links, multi-link routes, or origin destination analysis across a whole network. Table/chart generation and historic route map playback allow full understanding of travel patterns in Wisconsin.

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CHALLENGE: Traffic Congestion or Ramp Closures

SOLUTION: Message Board to Alert Drivers

By mounting vehicle detection sensors in the road, traffic flow and volume during rush hour can be determined and processed by the system. Through computer control and calculation, travel times to certain destinations are communicated to the public. Congested areas can then be avoided keeping travel times down and reducing fuel consumption

When road construction is in progress, ramp closures vary from day to day. These closed-loop message boards can be programmed remotely by operators and allow motorists to choose alternative routes. These boards can also be helpful for special event messages as well as "Amber Alerts".

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CHALLENGE: Outdated Dynamic Message Signs

SOLUTION: Retro-Fit Program

By utilizing existing sign enclosures, TAPCO'S unique retro-fit program allows display upgrades from older LED or Flip technology to high-intensity LED - significantly extending the useful life of a sign and its structure.

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CHALLENGE: Low Bridge near Milwaukee Brewers Stadium, Miller Park

SOLUTION: System to Alert and Redirect Vehicles

This bridge is located at the base of a freeway exit ramp which eliminates the opportunity for the trucker to back up. With the installation of a over height detection system at bridge height, over height trucks are alerted. A message board then redirects the driver to a safe alternative route. This system has eliminated countless accidents and the ensuing delays that would result. Designed, programmed and installed by TAPCO, the only outside contractors needed were for electrical requirements.

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CHALLENGE: Dangerous Freeway Curve

SOLUTION: Lane Specific Warning Messages

With sophisticated vehicle detection, this system determines the vehicle class (i.e.; car, pickup truck, semi-tractor trailer) in each lane, and the speed of the vehicle. The system is programmed to "understand" that different vehicles can safely make the curve at different speeds and displays the "TOO FAST FOR CURVE" message accordingly.

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CHALLENGE: Continually Changing Airport Parking Availability

SOLUTION: Changeable Message Boards

TAPCO equipment monitors parking availability per lot and informs drivers if any particular one is full. When there is parking available, the price of each lot appears on the board.

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CHALLENGE: Drivers Unaware of Possible Slow Down Ahead

SOLUTION: Alerting Message

When ramp metering is occurring, typically at peak traffic hours, message board with flashing lights alerts drivers to slow down well ahead of hazard.

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CHALLENGE: Variable Freeway Traffic Conditions

SOLUTION: Ramp Metering Accommodating Flow & Volume

The system calculates traffic speed as well as volume and determines appropriate rate to release vehicles into traffic. With vehicle detection, the systems also knows which ramp lanes have traffic and which are empty.

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