Traffic Data Collection, Evaluation & Reporting Solutions

Drakewell was established in 1982 to carry out software development specifically around traffic data collection, evaluation and reporting. Drawing on many years experience they supply government departments and private companies with manufacturer independent traffic analysis software in addition to many other software and service applications covering enterprise and local installations.

Drakewell and TAPCO are looking to expand and build upon their successful projects in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region. Drakewell have a global customer base, but are looking to expand significantly in the US Market and revolutionize traffic data analysis and reporting.

Your Partner for the Road Ahead
Practical engineering, jargon free and excellent products that keep pace with an ever changing industry - Drakewell's focus on practicality and rapid response to customers needs mean we build effective long-term relationships with clients.

Free Yourself and Your Data
Drakewell Software is designed to be manufacturer independent, freeing you from equipment manufacturer restrictions and allowing flexibility to operate/purchase roadside equipment from across the market.

Putting You in the Picture
Our software products include Data Capture Reporting, Point and Print Analysis Software, Functional Automatic Data Checking, Telemetry, Realtime, ALPR/Bluetooth Matching, Manual Count, Turning Movement, Enterprise Ready Web Based Reporting, Data Hosting and Collection Service plus many other bespoke applications.

Flexible and Future Proof
Drakewell prides itself on being at the forefront of technology, producing extensive, powerful modular traffic analysis software. Journey Time, Environmental Data, Asset Management & Survey, Data Analysis & Verification, Realtime, ALPR/Bluetooth and Manual Count modules can all be added to further enhance your traffic reporting capabilities if required.

Cloud Based Data Hosting
With options to process data locally on a C2 cloud server, send raw data files directly or use Drakewell to collect, process and host your data you can rest assured your data needs are met and available 24/7.

Bring Your Traffic Data to Life

C2-Cloud - An Industry Leading Solution
Drakewell's C2-Cloud is fast becoming the industry's 'go-to' software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily sharable via a web browser. Users are no longer tied to manufacturer specific software and only need C2-Cloud and a browser to access their data which is securely stored, backed up and held on either customer or Drakewell cloud based servers available 24/7.

Unlock Your Traffic Data
C2-Cloud reports cover vehicle speed, volume, class, lengths, headway and gaps and have advanced reporting for Journey Times (vehicles and pedestrians) via ALPR and/or Bluetooth, Link/Turning Movement counts and Weigh In Motion - all in one place.

Put Yourself in the Picture
Powerful user interfaces make your traffic data come to life with over 100 reports, interactive map interface, graphical and tabular calendars and summary data while advanced checking and patching ensure your data is accurate and validated.


  • Live Traffic Data
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Easy to Use
  • User Sharable Data
  • Cost Effective
  • Cloud Based and Client Server Hosting
  • Automatic Checking and Validation of Data

Uploaded, Checked & Verified

C2-Cloud Analysis - A Load Off Your Mind
C2-Cloud provides an advanced data processing and checking facility allowing users to configure just how they want the data processed and verified.

The Drakewell Instation reads data directly from GPRS/IP enabled recorders to the C2-Cloud database in realtime or at intervals defined by the user. The health of recorders can be checked, while our powerful data checking engine automatically examines loaded data and notifies users of any potential issues.

The Drakewell Instation Supports ATC, WIM, Bluetooth, ALPR, Images and Alerts from a range of manufacturer devices.

Users can upload raw data files that have been collected manually and with support for over 60 file types including ATC (temporary and permanent), WIM, ALPR, Bluetooth, Manual Count, Turning Movement and many bespoke formats, users can be confident their needs are met. Per Vehicle Records and Binned.


  • Data Checking and Verifying
  • Advanced Fault Notification
  • Supports Over 60 File Types
  • Remote Firmware Uploads

Environmental Data Released

Live Environmental Monitoring
Drakewell's Environment Module can receive live data from monitoring devices alongside vehicle attribute and journey time data. This provides a holistic approach for reporting, monitoring and tackling the environmental impact of traffic on a highway network while ensuring the integrity of the collected information.

Build Better Emission Strategies
C2-Cloud can push live emissions data to an ATMS triggering sign display and/or signal timing alterations based upon environmental and/or journey time parameters. Live traffic management decisions and the effect can now be assessed thoroughly in C2-Cloud for ongoing improvement and building future strategies.


  • Measured Emission Values
  • Temperature Analysis
  • Noise and Humidity Analysis

A Partner For The Road Ahead

Journey Time
C2-Cloud Journey Time offers users a powerful set of tools for analysing and reporting on many different types of journey data. Realtime data is received via IP/ GPRS through the Drakewell instation with support for ALPR and Bluetooth along with the ability to store images from roadside cameras. Raw data or pre-matched data can also be uploaded to a customer server or via ftp direct to the C2-Cloud servers for processing.

Realtime Reporting
Origin Destination Matrices and can be used to analyse user selected data ranges while the realtime journey matching engine can be used to provide realtime map and route based information. Using a powerful map interface C2-Cloud Journey time can provide a thematic map that updates route status in realtime and also includes the ability to playback selected times and intervals to clearly show historic data and with live xml feeds C2-Web Journey Time can deliver or receive data to/from an ATMS.


  • ANPR, Bluetooth
  • OD Matrix
  • ATMS
  • Realtime
  • Pedestrian Monitoring

Keep Track of What is Valuable

Survey Manager
Survey Manager allows customers to create and track individual or multiple surveys in a busy data collection program.

This innovative module includes annotated maps with automatically updated map layers allowing the creation of quick and accurate site plans. Survey Manager can also be populated with legacy data and act as the single tool for locating prior surveys in addition to managing future data collection activity.

Asset Management
Our Asset Management module assists with recording the location and attributes of all assets 'on the fly'. A Database of assets can be generated rapidly and uploaded in the field or on return to an office. Assets can vary from a SIM card, a roadside cabinet to a street sign, the database is highly flexible. Our Asset Management module can also be used to monitor the movement of multiple assets, log faults and report on fault resolution and routine maintenance activity.


  • Supports Smart Phones/Tablets
  • Efficient Data Collection Programs
  • Accurate Mapping and Search/Referencing
  • Maintenance, Faults and Moving Assets
  • Rapid Asset Database Creation

C2-Cloud Weigh In Motion

High and Low Speed Weigh In Motion Data
Drakewell offer powerful Weigh In Motion reporting with user friendly configurable reports. Live data feeds can be used to display the latest offending vehicles in a user interface and/or data reporting to fully understand WIM issues on a network over a temporary or extended period of time.


  • Gross Vehicle Weights
  • Axle Weights
  • Violations by GVW/Axle
  • Overview Images/ALPR
  • ESALs
  • Quality Assurance
  • WIM Patterns By Time of Day/Month/Quarter/Year
  • Live Data Feeds

C2-Cloud Manual Count

Turning/Junction/Link/Pedestrian Counts
C2-Manual Count is a powerful web-based application designed for entering, checking, displaying and saving manual count, turning movement and pedestrian crossing data. It can be used as a standalone program or a fully integrated C2-Cloud module.

Counts are displayed by type on a map interface along with date range and word searching. Many Drakewell customers have thousands of manual counts loaded into C2-Cloud.

Drakewell's reports can cope with customer specific class schemes for both vehicles/cyclists and pedestrians, varying time periods and currently up to 7arms on a junction (49 possible manoeuvres).

Data can be loaded directly from loggers used at the roadside, or data can be entered into Drakewell's easy to use templates before FTP upload.

Junction diagrams are dynamic. User options allow flows to be viewed by vehicle/pedestrian class and by user defined time of day.

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