TAPCO Partners with LYT to Offer Vehicle Preemption Technology

LYT provides cities with transit prioritization technology to optimize mass transit

Brown Deer, Wis. – November 7, 2022 – Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO), manufacturer, distributor and service provider of roadway safety innovations, has recently partnered with LYT, an industry leader in intelligent transportation mobility solutions.

Through this new partnership, TAPCO is excited to offer a cloud-based vehicle preemption and signal priority platform designed to optimize public transportation and improve city traffic flow. LYT’s transit signal priority solution empowers mass transit systems by using vehicle data to optimize routes and improve travel times.

LYT's platform utilizes connected vehicle and machine-learning technologies, enabling cities to improve their transit systems. By tapping into existing AVL systems, the cross-jurisdictional software facilitates signal priority to prioritize transit vehicles, resulting in perfectly timed green lights for all transit vehicles. Once installed in Traffic Management Centers (TMC), LYT can communicate with any connected traffic signal within a city.

“We believe today’s traffic and transit systems can greatly benefit through a modernization of the use of advanced technology, which would reduce the focus and expense burden of the buildout and expansion of more roads as a singular solution,” said Tim Menard, founder and CEO of LYT. “Cities that incorporate the use of our intelligent transit signal prioritization, along with the safety innovations offered by TAPCO, realize reduced congestion and safety incidents, which helps improve overall quality of life throughout the entire region."

The LYT platform moves transit vehicles through intersections safely and intelligently, resulting in schedule reliability, improved travel times, better air quality and reduced congestion during peak traffic hours.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LYT is a leading provider of intelligent connected traffic technologies and solutions, focused on orchestrating and optimizing traffic flow. To view their full offering, visit their website.

As an industry-leading innovator, TAPCO manufactures, distributes and services a wide portfolio of traffic and parking safety solutions designed to increase safe travels for all. Since 1956, we have set the standard for delivering reliable, cutting-edge traffic safety enhancements. From our leading line of LED-enhanced BlinkerSign® solutions to our pedestrian crossing products, safety is at the heart of all TAPCO innovations. For more information, please visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

LYT is an intelligent connected traffic technology provider that offers a cloud-based platform that orchestrates today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. LYT’s AI-powered machine learning technology enables a suite of transit signal priority and emergency vehicle preemption solutions that utilize pre-existing vehicle tracking sensors and city communication networks to dynamically adjust the phase and timing of traffic signals to provide sufficient green clearance time while minimally impacting cross traffic. LYT is headquartered in Silicon Valley and serves municipalities across the US. Learn more at LYT.ai.