Variable Message Sign Truck Mount

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These full-matrix (alphanumeric and graphic display capability)changeable by an on-board 12 volt battery. The brightness of the LED displays may be controlled manually, or automatically via a photosensitive circuit that adjusts the LED intensity in response to ambient illumination, assuring superior visibility and legibility in all lighting conditions. They are capable of displaying 1 to 3 line alphanumeric messages in six font sizes, as well as graphic messages consisting of any of MUTCD VI construction zone signs and arrow board functions. They have the memory capacity to retain 199 pre-programmed messages, 199 user-generated messages, and 250 message sequences (up to six messages per sequence).

  • The 4' x 8' GP-432 is sized to facilitate vehicle mounting on flatbed trucks, attenuator trucks or striping vehicles to support moving work zone operations such as pavement striping, sweeping, mowing, etc.)


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Cabinet Height Cabinet Width Character Height Characters Per Line LED Horizontal Count (Pixels) LED Vertical Count (Pixels) LEDs per Pixel Text / Graphics
1541-00001 48 in 96 in 9" - 28" characters up to 11 28 Rows 50 Columns 2 (23°) amber LEDs per pixel 1; 2 or 3 lines messages; graphics and animations
1541-00003 32 in 72 in 6" - 18" characters up to 10 28 72 1 (30°) amber LEDs per pixel 1; 2 or 3 lines of messages; graphics and animations

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