Vantage EDGE 2 Processor

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

The Vantage Edge 2 processor is a key component in vehicle detection systems (intended for use with RZ-4 Advanced Wide Dynamic Range Camera) using video image analysis. The Edge 2 plugs into all standard Type 170 input files, TS-1 and TS-2 card detector racks.

  • Available in single or dual video input configurations
  • Extension modules in 2- or 4-channel configurations
  • Uses only 1 edge card connector for use in 4-channel input files
  • Extension modules programmable from processor module, allowing remote programming of extension modules
  • Uses delay/extend signals from the input file
  • High-intensity LED indicators for ease of viewing
  • Use of Vantage Access and eAccess accessories for single-point user interface or remote access

The four-channel Edge 2 represents the latest advance in Vantage Edge 2 processor technology. This new processor takes a quantum industry leap, offering a single processor module that accommodates four simultaneous camera video sources. The four-channel Edge 2 is cost-effective, rich with features and functions and saves valuable rack space. Just plug the processor module into the detector rack or input file and add additional expansion modules when required to experience a complete, robust video detection system. This new module is also compatible with other Edge 2 processor accessories and continues in the proud "ease of use" tradition.

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