TIBA - License Plate Recognition System

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LPR-30 License Plate Recognition System

Upon entry to the parking facility, a snapshot of the license plate is taken and printed on the transient ticket that is pulled from the ticket dispenser. From now on, the transient transaction will ‘carry’ the license plate number for all the duration of the parking, until the vehicle has left the lot.

The LPR unit integrates seamlessly into the TIBA-Smartpark management software. Illegal transactions or violations are flagged immediately on real time in the management software, and will prompt the operator by a quick email with the transaction details

Greater Security

  • Decrease fraud attempts
  • Create blacklist of license plate numbers to automatically trigger system alerting the operator via mobile device or control screen
  • Various notification for security or VIP

Many optional add-ons available. Contact Tapco and receive a quote today!

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