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Speed tables are flat-topped speed humps with room for the entire wheelbase of a passenger car to rest on top. The flat-top design allows cars to maintain slightly higher speeds than they would on speed humps, slowing vehicles to 20 to 25 mph. This makes speed tables the ideal solution for roads with typical residential speed limits. Speed tables are three inches high.


  • Tensile strength: minimum 500 psi
  • Shore hardness: minimum 70A
  • Specific gravity: 1.1
  • 100% recycled synthetic and natural rubber composite

Rubber speed tables are long-lasting and removable for years of continuous use. Other solutions often require costly replacements, but Traffic Logix table units can simply be removed and reinstalled as necessary.

The tables are quick and easy to install by connecting the units and securing them to the road with anchors and bolts. Traffic Logix units are smaller than the industry standard for easier installation. No road closures or skilled laborers are necessary.

The speed tables can be removed for road resurfacing and snow plows or to test the products at numerous locations. Unlike asphalt and concrete, which must be destroyed during removal, the rubber tables can simply be removed and reinstalled.

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