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Speed humps are raised devices, parabolic in shape, placed across the road to slow traffic. The sloped design over a 7 or 14 foot length of space encourages cars to slow down without coming to a halt. Often considered the most traditional physical traffic calming solutions, speed humps calm traffic more gradually then speed bumps, although less so than speed tables. They are ideal for residential roads and are generally used to bring speeds to between 10-20 mph.

Full packages in standard road sizes are offered here. Patented interlocking construction connects units like puzzle pieces, keeping them firmly in place.


  • Material: Compression molded 100% recycled synthetic and natural rubber composite
  • Tensile strength: minimum 500 psi
  • Shore hardness: minimum 70A
  • Specific gravity: 1.1

Rubber speed humps are long-lasting and removable for years of continuous use. Other solutions often require costly replacements while these hump units can simply be removed and reinstalled as necessary.

These speed humps are quick and easy to install by connecting the units and securing them to the road with anchors and bolts. These units are smaller than the industry standard for easier installation. No road closures or skilled laborers are necessary.

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