Solid State Loadswitch

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The Solid State Flasher is a dual circuit flasher designed for the traffic control industry. This unit is conservatively rated up to 20 A per circuit. The flash rate is 56.25 flashes per minute and does not vary due to voltage or temperature variations. With the zero voltage switching design, there are no contacts to wear out or deteriorate due to arcing or corrosion. Extended life of the bulbs can be expected as well as reduced Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). The extruded aluminum heatsink provides more than adequate heat dissipation.

  • Dimensions: 8.40"L x 1.74"W x 4.185"H, 1.135 LBS

The Solid State Loadswitch is a tri-pack solid state relay package designed specifically for the traffic control industry. This unit meets NEMA specification TS1-1983 and TS2. Each switch will turn it’s rated load ON or OFF within 10° of the first zero crossover point & within 5° on succeeding alterations randomly timed input command signal.

The electronics are enclosed in a dust resistant, metal enclosure providing mechanical protection and excellent heat sinking for the heat generating components in the circuit. The electronic components are easily accessible by removing the cover with a screwdriver.

  • Dimensions 8.40"L x 1.74"W x 4.185"H, 1.135 LBS

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