Smart Work Zone Queue Trailer

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Trailer-Mounted Queue Detection

The Queue Trailer is a portable trailer that provides a versatile and lightweight platform with a small footprint to mount a microwave radar unit to detect speed, volume and occupancy for up to 22 lanes of traffic. When equipped with ASTI’s communication package, the Queue Trailer can provide data remotely to a variety of information-gathering components.


  • Industrial-grade trailer to give years of dependable service
  • Reports speed, volume, density and classification per lane for all traffic
  • Adjustable solar array for maximum exposure to sun
  • Available with or without Wavetronix HD sensor
  • Optional digital cellular communications
  • Accurately detects lane changing vehicles
  • Available as a portable unit or permanent mount
  • Removable tongue
  • Battery bank sized for 30-day autonomy
  • Detects up to 22 lanes of traffic or 250′
  • Detects multi-direction traffic with a single sensor

Queue Trailer Features

  • Adjustable solar array 0˚- 60˚ and rotate 360˚
  • Four laterally extendable outriggers
  • Standard 2″ ball coupler or pintle hitch options
  • 19′ And 25′ mast height options
  • 2000 lb axle and 500 lb leaf spring rating
  • 14.5″ Wheel with 5 lug pattern
  • Three concentric section of square steel mast
  • One 230 watt solar panel
  • Four 6VDC batteries (AGM options available)
  • One 23.5″ x 15.5″ x 16″ 14 gauge steel, lockable battery enclosure

Queue Trailer Specifications

  • Width – 69″
  • Length w/o tongue – 43″
  • Length with tongue – 96″
  • Height including solar panel – 90″


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