SG Polycarbonate Signal Housing for 12" LEDs

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

Signal housing is composed of three injection molded polycarbonate body sections containing the lens housing, hinged door, and visor. Signals are LED-ready (sold separately) and meet or exceed ITE specifications. The basic construction design provides minimum weight with maximum rigidity and strength.

  • Housing is a single piece with 5° increment serrations at each end. Each housing has provisions for mounting two terminal blocks and attaching backplates. Housings may be fastened together to make mutli-section signals. 8" and 12" housing can be intermixed to form combination signals.
  • Positive positioning and locking is achieved through the use of serrated brackets, mast arm or span wire fittings.
  • The housing, door and visor are injection molded of ultraviolet stabilized, pre-colored opaque polycarbonate.
  • Door is one piece polycarbonate and equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. Stainless steel captive eyebolts and wingnuts hold the door against the housing.
  • A neoprene gasket between the door and the housing assures the weather tight quality of the unit.
  • Terminal blocks are composed of a sturdy polycarbonate weather resistant casing and stainless steel hardware. Terminal block is installed in the second section from top of signal.
  • 1 Section sign housing weighs 8 pounds.

Additional Product Specifications:

SKU LED Size Visor Type
122-101BST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-101ST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-102BST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-102ST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-103BST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-103ST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-104BST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-104ST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-105BST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-105ST 12 inches Cut-Away Visor

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