SafePace 550 15" Variable Speed Limit Sign

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SafePace® 550 15" Variable Speed Limit Sign

The Traffic Logix® SafePace® 550 Variable Speed Limit Sign offers the flexibility to display speed limits based on work or school zone scheduling. Using highly visible LEDs, the SafePace 550 Variable Speed Limit Sign ensures that motorists are aware when the speed limit has changed. 

Functions, Programming and Diagnostics

  • SafePace® Pro Sign Management Software is included to program your sign, set dates, times, and speed parameters
  • 24/7 365 days unlimited programming and scheduling
  • Display On/Stealth Modes (In Stealth Mode, speed is not displayed but data can be collected, see options below)
  • Display Minimum Speed / Display Maximum Speed
  • Digit Flashing Speed Threshold (digits flash above selected speed
  • Speed Violator Strobe (pulsing strobe flashes with digits or alone above display Maximum Speed)
  • Speed Units in Miles per hour or Kilometer per hour

Additional Upgrades (sold separately)

  • Data Collection & Reporting software via Bluetooth
  • SafePace® Cloud remote sign management software plus GSM / GPRS modem bundle


  • 12 gauge aluminum
  • Flat black powder coated front, light gray powder coated body
  • Weatherproof, NEMA 4X-12, IP65 level compliant, non-sealed and ventilated
  • 0.1875” aluminum protective cover
  • White/FY/FYG Reflective sheeting on sign face, black text, MUTCD conforming
  • Operating temperatures: -40° F/-40° C to 185° F/85° C
  • Conformal coating on all circuit boards
  • Banding brackets (standard) or optional universal mounting bracket system (bracket, locking plate, key and pole-mount plate) for mounting


  • Digit Size: 15”H x 8.0”W, 112 LEDs per digit
  • Text Size: 6"H spell "SPEED LIMIT" fixed message, 2 lines
  • 224 White, 15° , 5 mm, luminous intensity (18,000-28,000 mcd/LED)
  • Speed Violator Strobe: 21 White, 15°, 5 mm , luminous intensity (18,000-28,000 mcd/LED)
  • Display Brightness, 11,000 nits (cdm) maximum, 550 nits (cdm) at nig
  • Two (2) ambient light sensors and automatic brightness control


  • AC Power: AC 100-240 VAC
  • 4 Cell Battery: DC 12 VDC


  • Doppler (FCC Approved)
  • 5 mW maximum Radar RF out, 24.125 GHz +/- 25 MHz Radar f-center
  • Up to 1,200 ft pickup distance
  • Beam: 11° x 11° , Linear Polarization


  • 40”H x 30”W x 3.5” D
  • 18-22 lbs depending on power option chosen

Data packages and accessories are sold separately


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