SA Polycarbonate Signal Housing for 12" LEDs

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

SA signal housings consist of an injection molded ultraviolet stabilized, pre-colored opaque polycarbonate lens housing, hinged door, and visor. Signal housings are LED lens ready (sold separately). The basic construction design provides minimum weight with maximum rigidity and strength.

  • Housings are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 section units.
  • Housings meet or exceed ITE specifications.
  • Each housing section is a single piece unit with serrations in 5° increments at each end. Each housing includes one terminal block and has provisions for a second terminal block.
  • Housings may be fastened together to make multi-section signals.
  • 8" and 12" signal housings can be intermixed to form combination signals.
  • Positive positioning and locking is achieved through the use of serrated brackets, mast arm, or span wire fittings.
  • Doors are equipped with stainless steel hinge pins. Included stainless steel thumbscrewshold the door against the lens housing.
  • The removable cut-away visor is secured to the door with included stainless steel hardware.
  • 1 sections signal housing for 8" LED weighs 4lbs., 1 section signal housing for 12" LED weighs 7 lbs.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU LED Size Visor Type
122-01101 12 inch Cut-Away Visor
122-02102 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-03103 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-04104 12 inches Cut-Away Visor
122-05105 12 inches Cut-Away Visor

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