RZ-4 Advanced Wide Dynamic Range Camera

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

Optimized for traffic video detection, the RZ-4 AWDR combines best-in-class all-weather performance video detection with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology using advanced image technology to handle extremes in light, dark and severe glare conditions. In harsh back-lit conditions, vehicles can be detected with >100dB of dynamic range. The camera can handle the most complicated scenes. The RZ-4 AWDR's simple installation, backward compatibility and ability to adjust the camera from the cabinet provides an advanced, easy-to-use solution for video vehicle detection.

The RZ-4 AWDR detects vehicles in any lighting and weather conditions. In contrast to other CCTV type or thermal imaging cameras, the RZ-4 AWDR delivers a video signal optimized for processing by the Vantage video detection systems.

The RZ-4 AWDR camera also gives technicians the option to set up the field of view (FOV) from the bucket truck or from the ground at the cabinet.

  • Specifically designed for vehicle detection applications
  • Improved color and clarity of the video image, ideal for connection to a Vantage EdgeConnect™
  • Quick-click connectors and adjustable camera mount streamline installation and minimize setup time; no crimping tools required!
  • Set up and configure at the camera or from the ground
  • Cable termination located at the rear of the camera simplifies cable connection
  • Performs in the most challenging lighting conditions
  • Advanced heater enables optimal video detection performance in adverse weather conditions
  • Camera-mounting bracket sold separately

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