Pi-lit® Sequential Sunflower Cone Top Lights

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Pi-lit® Sequential “Sunflower” Cone Top Warning Light

Case of 15 Lights

The Sequential “Sunflower” Cone Top Warning Light allows users to mount our radio-linked sequential technology atop any traffic cone. Using a universal cone adapter, the “SunFlower” will fit any style and size cone. Sitting atop of the cone, the “Sunflower” is the most visible cone-top warning lamp on the market.

3 Different Group Frequencies are Offered and Color Coordinated for Simplicity of Use

Group 1 = Yellow Case Color

Group 2 = Orange Case Color

Group 3 = Gray Case Color

Features Include:

  • Five flash-march patterns (operator’s preference)
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Choice of front, back, or both sides flashing
  • Lockable Keyboard
  • 24 hour mode, or night time only mode
  • Steady-burn (Type-C) with or without sequencing flash


  • Poalkaline batteries
  • Battery life = ~1 month of continuous flashing (battery status check with push of a button)
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Communications – FCC Compliant
  • 300 foot range (100 meter) between lamps
  • Complies with I.T.E and MUTCD Regulations
  • 4 sequential flash patterns, 1 simultaneous flash pattern
  • Steady-Burn feature – With or without sequential flash
  • 24 hour mode or night time only mode – Photocell detects sunlight and will put the lamp to sleep until ambient light decreases
  • Remote control compatible

A remote control unit that controls your sequential barricade lights with remote access can be purchased separately. A free remote control is included with a purchase of 50 lights or more.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Flash Pattern Lens Color MUTCD Power Source Range
134327 5 Amber Compliant 4 - AA Batteries 1000 ft
134328 5 Amber Compliant 4 - AA Batteries 1000 ft
134329 5 Amber Compliant 4 - AA Batteries 1000 ft

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