Pi-lit® Sequential Barricade Light

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Pi-lit® Sequential Barricade Lights

Case of 15 Lights

Pi-lit® Sequential Barricade Light is the latest solution for improved highway safety. Its patented radio technology represents a modern replacement for traditional warning lights. The sequential barricade light system is “smart,” making it easy to use and safe to deploy.

Studies performed on sequential warning lights indicated that sequential lights are better at warning drivers of lane closures, detours, and active construction zones. Study results have shown that drivers slow down sooner and change lanes earlier when sequential warning lights are used compared to traditional Type A/C warning lights.

3 Different Group Frequencies are Offered and Color Coordinated for Simplicity of Use

Group 1 = Yellow Case Color

Group 2 = Orange Case Color

Group 3 = Gray Case Color

Features Include:

  • Five different styles of sequence patterns (operator’s preference)
  • 24 hour mode, or night time only mode
  • Steady-burn with sequencing flash; or steady-burn only
  • Lock control panel on lamp
  • One sided- amber/opaque to direct traffic
  • Drop batteries in from top, no need to unbolt lamp to change batteries
  • Battery case and lens are weather-sealed with O-rings and silicon material
  • 100 meter range (330 feet) between lamps
  • MUTCD and I.T.E. Compliant (MUTCD 6F.83)
  • Case can be bolted down (bolt directly to concrete rail, “Jersey Rail”, wood post, etc.)
  • Insert feature allows a new lamp to replace a broken lamp without having to turn off entire system
  • Marker function allows user to designate a pull in zone for work area

A remote control unit that controls your sequential barricade lights with remote access can be purchased separately. A free remote control is included with a purchase of 50 lights or more.


Additional Product Specifications:

Flash Pattern Lens Color MUTCD No. of Sequence Patterns Power Source Range
Steady Burn with sequencing flash; or steady burn only Amber 6F.83 5 4 D-Cell Alkaline Batteries 100 meters (330 ft)

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