Oracle S2E Inductive Loop Vehicle TS-1 Detector

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TAPCO restricts the sale of this item to Wisconsin customers only.

Oracle enhanced detectors indicate vehicle presence with great accuracy and reliability and also incorporate a complete built-in loop analyzer for optimum detector setup and loop diagnostic purposes.

LCD View Screens

The Loop Frequency, -ΔL/L%, Loop Inductance, DEFLECTOMETER™ Pie Graph, DEFLECTOMETER™ Numeric Optimizer, DEFLECTOMETER™ Streaming Graph, Frequency Stability Graph, Sensitivity Level, Mode of Operation, and Vehicle Counting Accumulator can be viewed on the front panel LCD for each channel simultaneously.

DEFLECTOMETER™ Pie Graph and Numeric Value Indicator

While the DEFLECTOMETER™ Pie Graph displays an instantaneous indication of the current call strength, the Streaming Graph display graphically shows the call strength over time. The horizontal axis represents a six-second interval and the vertical axis represents call strength. The graph streams when there is a call present.

Frequency Stability Graph

The stability graph provides the capability to analyze each frequency level to ensure proper selection of the nominal loop tuning frequency. The XY graph displays detector frequency samples with respect to the reference. A variation from the center of the graph depicts frequency instability on the channel. A thin smooth graph offers a more optimum frequency selection over a thick uneven line.

Directional Logic and 3rd Car Logic

When both of the paired channels have detection in Directional Logic mode, the last channel to have detection will output a call until the detection for the last channel ends, even if the detection ends for the first channel. This feature is intended to be used in freeway ramps for wrong-way detection and left turn lanes where other movements in the intersection tend to clip the detection zone of the left turn lane. 3rd Car Logic provides a call output when both channels are in the call state. 3rd Car Logic is typically used in left turn queues to provide logic for Protected-Permissive movements.

Programmable Navigation

  • Loop Fault History Log: For each channel, the LCD screen can display the last 25 loop fault conditions and power events
  • Loop Inductance Display Indicator: In the “Induct” display mode, the LCD screen displays the equivalent system loop inductance (loop and lead-in inductance) within the range of 20 to 2500 micro Henries
  • High-Intensity Front Panel Back Lighting: The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) incorporates a white LED back-light. The back-light is energized when any switch is actuated and remains on for 2 hours after the last switch actuation. The back-light improves visibility in poor lighting conditions.
  • Variable Character Channel ID: Up to 5 characters or numbers can be selected to identify each channel of detection.

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