Large Group Grill

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Large Group Grill

Group Grills provide a larger cooking surface for every outdoor cooking need, so you don’t have to keep friends and family members waiting when you’re cooking for a lot of people.

The Large Group Grill has a firebox that is 36 1/8" wide, 31 3/4" deep and 10 1/8" high. Additionally, the Large Park Grill has two cooking surfaces — measuring 504 square inches each, to combine to a total of 1,008 square inches of cooking surface — which can be raised or lowered independently so the user can choose the perfect distance from the heat source. The Large Group Grill also comes standard with a welded shelf, which is 31 3/4" long and 8" deep, to provide additional preparation room with the grill. The Large Group Grill is supported by a heavy-duty, 4" square reinforced pad mount post for stationary concrete mounting.

  • Grills are constructed of a minimum of 3/16" thick mild steel
  • Each Group Grill is manufactured with an integral ash retention flange and drli>
  • Grate handles are all made with heavy-duty steel rod, equipped with stay-cool spring grips

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