Industrial Can Crusher and Sign

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This Industrial Can Crusher is the ideal solution to aluminum can management. The can crusher reduces can size which allows more space for more cans resulting in less time spent emptying can collection containers and spending less money on collection bags.

The crusher features a patented pivoting mechanical design that requires 75% less effort than other can crushers. Crushed cans are automatically dropped into an optional collection barrel (sold separately) that holds 48 cans or can be dropped into an existing collection container. The can crusher is made from heavy duty nylon, stainless steel and aluminum and is wall mounted to include mounting hardware. The crusher is designed for 12 oz. aluminum cans.

Includes a 7" x 10" recycled plastic sign with legend "Please Crush Aluminum Cans". Unit measures 20"H x 6"W x 3-1/2" L. Made in the USA.

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