FlexiPrint 12

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Benefits Ideal for mid-sized production environments. Create decals quickly and accurately with the industry’s most precise Print & Cut. Adding and editing text is a breeze with DesignCentral. Integrated design tools make it easy to create, RIP and print all within a single application. Large images can be tiled with advanced control of each panel and overlap amount. Pantone™ Library and Custom Color Mapping allow you to easily and precisely specify output colors and effortlessly reproduce them again and again. Nest pages and jobs, manually or automatically, for efficient media usage–even manually edit nested jobs. Features Unique DesignCentral window displays options based on selected items. Configure two output threads for out of the box production for over 1000 devices. More than 400 ICC Output Profiles are included to give you the results you want. Optional Templates give you added productivity and professionalism. Intuitive & Powerful The user interface is long renowned for its ease-of-use. The industry’s most powerful layout and output package. Seamless Print & Cut design and output.



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